Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Teeming with Life

There was supposed to be rain today, on this my holiday in honor of Cesar Chavez. But it didn't rain, and I spent plenty of time outside. Here are some signs of spring from my backyard and beyond. I won't mind if it rains tomorrow.

I found a woolly bear (future tiger moth) caterpillar last week. I looked up its diet, because I had to move it, and I learned they'll eat just about any old weed.

I have a little potted pineapple plant that, after about three years, is working on making a pineapple. I think I see a Fibonacci sequence.

I have plenty of ladybugs in my own backyard, but I must admit to finding this one in Eaton Canyon. I think the ones in my yard must be shy, while this one was mugging for the camera.

A little pair of mushrooms grew out of a crack in my driveway. I love it when nature is tough and opportunistic.


  1. the city hall was badass, though zooming in pointed out the downsides of, whats it called (dottering? haha thats not it)

    this is a really great series of photos. I'm trying to choose between picasa and flickr for mine. I'll try to take mine, but I prefer to be candid, and it's hard cause these kids watch my every move and even more so my every bit of technology.

    Feliz Dia de Cesar Chavez

  2. Barabara- a lover of nature and all creatures.
    This gives me an idea. I've been considering writing a macro/mini challenge and nature would be an excellent subject. Thank you for the inspiration ;) I'm sending good juju your way.

  3. Joey: good to here from you as always. hang in there, the kids will get used to your camera as sure as the birds have gotten used to mine. lots of love.
    Alice: Thanks for good juju. I look forward to hearing about the challenge of nature (even as I paint my food.)