Saturday, March 13, 2010

No rain, but no place to park

Another episode in the perils of plein air painting. I think it was little league opening day at Almansor Park, in addition to the usual hum of activity.

I also discovered a huge community of pigeons and many other birds besides.

After I took this picture, I realized the signature was too big, so I've replaced it with a better one.


  1. I bet those lights look like moons when lit up at night

  2. I saw you added more pictures. The narcissus with the inner coral-colored part is boss. Frankie's action shot is bitchin' too. Your continuing to triumph with capturing birds in our backyard. I'm excited for the passion flower buds, maybe they'll be ready when I'm back.

  3. aw son#2, and cryptic comment no.1 .

    yea the frankie action shot is the bomb, looks like it was a beautiful sunday =)