Thursday, March 11, 2010

Big sky

Looking at this now, I see that the trees are a bit too regular, even for something this stylized. Still I think it is pleasant to look at. I notice the sun slightly resembles a fried egg or the eye of a fish. I have a particular fondness for things that look like other things. My favorite is anything that looks like the moon: light fixtures, outdoor lights,or windows.


  1. i sent this to jessica (though she should be reading it often anyways, you know how it is trying to keep up with any good habits on the world wide web) knowing she would love the comment about the moon

  2. I realize that you like it a lot when you receive comments so I'll try to make it a daily habit. These trees look very similar to many stylized evergreens I've seen before. The HatsHopsHucks shirt/disc design, the UCSC Recreations Sticker, and the Expendables too. It succeeds at convincing me they are trees, however, they don't show any top-lopsidedness as tall trees often do as the branches thin out a the top.

  3. I feel like this also looks like an eagle's eye or a domed mountain with a really bright light on the face. The shading on the trees (emphasis on light then immediate dark) makes them sway to me.