Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pink Lemonade

This is an old assignment for my 2 dimensional design class at PCC, taught by Jack Butler a long time ago. We prepared a design based on a piece of fruit, and then did versions of it in a bunch of different color schemes. I've decided for you that this one is the best.

The blog is getting close to ninety days old. Which doesn't mean anything, except I decided early on to do it for ninety days, and then see what was next. So I'm thinking of making changes. For one thing, daily is a bit often. Less is more. It's not easy to come up with pictures for every day, especially if and when I run out of old stuff, and sometimes I have little struggles with the camera and/or scanner.

I'm considering a painting of the month giveaway, and a reader's choice painting (you tell me what to paint and I'll paint it). I'd like to encourage you all to comment. Should you find it challenging to comment, here's how it works. No excuses. Good things will happen if you comment.

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