Monday, October 14, 2013


So I took a trip to Italy.  I had worried about taking a vacation by myself, or with anybody else for that matter, since my husband was absolutely the best traveling companion.  So I got the idea of finding a painting workshop.  I had never been to one, but I knew a little about them.  I thought I'd probably like other people who painted and find them easier to talk to than just the normal run of strangers.  .

 I hadn't really figured on traveling quite so far.  I thought I'd find something maybe in Taos or Provincetown or the Sierras.  But then without looking very hard, I learned about a workshop in Tuscany with instruction by a painter I admire, Michael Reardon.

Encouraged by friends and family members, I traveled far from home and painted.  I also spent a few days in Florence by myself seeing sights.  A lot of it was just wonderful.  Some of it was awkward and lonely.  Plenty of time and space for personal reflection.  New ways of painting.

I think I could like being Italian.  They drive small hatchback cars, and drink delicious coffee with great efficiency.  Their meals are long, and some of the food is quite heavenly.  The wines are affordable and very drinkable.  People are cheerful and competent and good-looking.