Thursday, March 25, 2010

Squash Sketch

It's not really a sketch, it's a huge drawing that was a class assignment when I took drawing from Ray Turner. But I could not resist the sound of squash sketch; listen to how it sounds like Sasquatch. Ray Turner was a terrific teacher. In addition to some good basics, I really got from him the idea of working large - of filling the space you have to fill with art, and not doing little uptight drawings that you would just want to crop later.

It's a pattypan squash. I had to look that up just now, because I really can't keep my squashes straight. This I think is one of the best looking squashes, but not nearly the tastiest. Pattypan. Pretty silly name.


  1. yea haha Pattypan.

    I sure as hell hope those bees don't end up around our house, or you can be sure that I won't =P

  2. o and Amy Y sends well wishes, I'll turn her onto the blog the next time I get a chance

  3. When I came across your blog I was going to ask if you knew of Ray Turner! And you have studied with him? Love his work (he's one of my artists to look at on my blog list)

    My sister inadvertently met him at a Christmas studio/homes tour. She has always admired his work and it turns out they are nearly neighbors and both have Arts Center background.

  4. Ray was my teacher when I took a drawing class at night at Art Center in the late eighties. I was working as a paralegal, had a baby, and was considering an art education and a career change. I went on to take head drawing, and then succumbed to exhaustion. I hadn't thought about Ray for a long time when I came upon an exhibit of his work a couple of years ago, and became a fan.