Monday, March 8, 2010

Rounding out the weekend

Here is my under-represented younger son, doing what he might be doing right now, although he hasn't answered my e-mail.

An experiment in gouache on black paper. Turns out looking a little like sumi brush painting meets sixties blacklight poster, and they don't hit it off.


  1. they dont? I'll take it ifn you don't care for it.

    have a little faith, I bet Danny is doing bigger and better things than his computer can provide him. You made him look a lot like me in this pic, interestingly enough.

    I love your blog, completely independent of the fact that I love you, your subject material, and I miss both.

  2. With the uncanny eye of a would be artist, I've perceived the subtle resemblance between the two of you. lol

  3. i guess. itd be nice to hear danny give his share.

    no word on whether i can have the bambooz?