Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Green

Today I painted in Central Park, the slightly less famous Central Park in Pasadena. This is 12x16 - much larger than the plein air paintings of previous Saturdays. For that, if nothing else, I'm pretty happy. I managed to slap together a credible 12x16 oil painting in only 3 hours. I easily found a parking space, which was not metered until 11. I forgot my sketchbook and paper towels. I passed up a lucky penny. I got totally absorbed in my painting, and didn't notice that 11 o'clock came, and sometime after that parking enforcement came, and ticketed my car which was about 100 yards straight ahead of where I stood. So this is at least a $42 painting. Bad greedy old Pasadena.

I think the painting is not nearly contrasty enough. The colors are interesting, but the values don't sing. Perhaps a value sketch would have helped. I have figured out how to use the alarm feature on my cell phone, and will use it to avoid further parking tickets.


  1. The sky. That's what's missing. A splash of blue would have really made the painting pop. At least in my opinion! I lose myself in painting all the time. I can tune out everything, even my three young children nagging me for TV, if I'm really excited about a project. I have never painted outside before but hope to one day when I don't have to worry about a kid wondering off to who knows where! I like your paintings and your style. Great work! Paula Reynolds (CMAM)

  2. YOu did a fabulous job on these buildings.