Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mary's Market

Mary's Market sits somewhere between the heart and the foot of the eclectic enclave that is Sierra Madre Canyon. The setting is idyllic. There was a babbling brook (or the equivalent) right behind me as I painted, and two robins were foraging there. The people of Mary's and their customers were very nice and friendly. A couple of especially wonderful locals loaned me a place to park and hosted me for lunch at Mary's. Mary's is even cooler inside than out, I think, except it doesn't have the trees and babbling brook. It does have very good coffee and food.

I struggled quite a bit with this painting, but in the end I'm kind of happy with it. I especially like the background - the house and the trees. My oil paint trees improve a little each week I think. I think I did well to generalize the cars and the patio. The front of the market got a little too precious, but then the sun came out and made some interesting shadows. The photograph has some sunlight and shadows too.

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