Friday, February 26, 2010

To be a fly on the wall

My parents kept our old refrigerator for the longest time. It was not very tall but it was deep and the outside was very rounded. It had a big strong springy door handle that could have taken your finger off. It had scratches and dings, and really could have used a new coat of paint. We put those big stick-on hippie flowers on it, and that prettied it up a bit, but then the flowers started to fade and peel. So I wanted to paint a giant fly on the front of it. This was my sketch. I believe my parents vetoed that. I then proposed a duck or a cow, but never got around to painting either before the refrigerator finally moved out.

I think this would be even better if it had shadows so it looked like it was standing on the refrigerator. There's really nothing stopping me now.

1 comment:

  1. YOur fly is great. In fact you do a really wonderful job on bugs! I am always googling bugs, (I think I mentioned that before).

    I decided just to randomly go through your blog here and there.

    Love the bugs.