Thursday, February 4, 2010

Random Pictures

Part of the problem is it's getting tougher to come up with pictures, and as I see it the pictures are the whole point of this blog. Although you could stick around for my writing. I have to unframe and photograph paintings, I have go through the storage space, and most of all, I have to paint more. Which I have no objection to at all, except the time it takes. While we're all waiting for that to happen, here's one more postcard I painted for the Strathmore/San Gabriel Fine Arts Association send-postcards-to-servicemembers project, and three pages from sketchbooks: my shoes about a week ago, a young relation at Mt. Palomar about three years ago, and a leaf from near Julian on Mother's Day weekend two years ago. I also thought about spreading these pictures out over two or three days, but why make things easy?

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