Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Here are some California poppies painted under the tutelage of Donna Barnes-Roberts. I'm sort of a California geek. Poppies and quail make my heart swell with pride. I love that our state fish is the same color as our state flower. Our natural features are spectacular. I think we have a wonderful flag, although I always think its a little sad and ironic that we honor an animal that we largely (or totally?) eliminated from our state. Less than 100 years ago there were grizzly bears in the San Gabriel mountains. However, if you can believe Snopes, it was supposed to be a pear on the flag, but somebody misheard.


  1. As someone who grew up in Arizona, very much in California's shadow, being a California geek always seemed like being a Yankees fan or putting money on Goliath. But then, as you told me years ago, it's only natural to root for the home team. And besides, it's a beautiful painting.

  2. Thanks Paul. Arizona's no ugly stepchild, with its saguaros and grand canyon, and a flag that looks like the flag of Tibet, only better.

  3. haha, touche.

    have you seen the cali-f*ing-fornia shirt? a bit silly, a bit idealistic (maybe?)