Friday, February 12, 2010

Can you see this?

I use Firefox as my browser, because somebody (my son probably) suggested it to me, and it has always worked well. Meanwhile, on the same computer, the other member of my household uses Internet Explorer. My employer also uses Internet Explorer, and I don't feel at liberty to download Firefox there. During my lunch hour at work I looked at this blog, and where pictures belonged, there were big empty white boxes with little red x's. Not all of the pictures but about 25 percent. I looked at a couple of other Blogger blogs, and they too were missing some pictures. I then looked at Blogger help, which referred me to a forum, where I learned other people - not many others, but a dozen or more - in other places were having the same problem at the same time. Well now I'm home, and I can see all the pictures, on both browsers. I hope you can too. I hope if you saw the empty boxes before, you'll come back and look again.

I'm thinking if you can't see pictures, this is a good one not to see. It was during a foray into oil paints some years back. I can't remember when. The painting may not be completely without appeal, but I think still lifes (still lives?) at best have kind of struggle to pack a punch, unless they are by Matisse or Cezanne. I think oil paint is bold and luminous, and it's a great sensation the way a paintbrush slides and glides through it. I'm looking forward to using it again soon. I think this canvas has ripples because it wasn't stored with particular care.

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