Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Painting Postcards

I painted these tonight, in part because I didn't have something else to post here. But it's all for the good. I'm pretty happy with them, and I'm having some wine from the open bottle to celebrate.

Apparently, some of my loved ones have been recruiting blog readers for me. That, in response to my expressions of discouragement (another kind of whine). I started the blog because I had tried a stodgy art website, and I wasn't all that happy with it. The blogger format shows the pictures better, and gives me a chance to postulate and ponder too. I kept a diary through my teens and twenties, and maybe I miss that sometimes.

I didn't think I was looking for attention. I wear dark colored clothes, and generally avoid recognition of any sort. I don't have a Facebook account. And yet I find myself caring whether or not people look at the blog. I find myself coveting comments, and while I haven't yet resorted to bribes or blackmail to get them, you may consider yourself warned.

1 comment:

  1. Well, I'll comment. I came across your blog awhile back and bookmarked it and happened to come across it again. I've been enjoying going through your archives, looking at your sketches and paintings. You paint so well!

    I think it's cool your son visits or comments at your blog at least one time that I saw.

    anyway, just throwing a comment down here.