Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Last October, I went to the Art Learning & Products Expo. I bought some paintbrushes and a little bit of other stuff, because they have pretty good buys. I also took a couple of classes - one from David Becker and one from Joseph Stoddard. Honestly, you can't learn much in three hours, but you can learn something, and get to paint. So here are the paintings I did. Somewhere in the world there are probably other paintings that look a lot like these.


  1. What leads you to believe these aren't unique? Both scenes have been done before, I'm sure, but not in quite the same way. With music there are set notes. With painting it truly is all in the artist.

  2. barbara, these are beautiful. i especially love the new still life of the fruit and wine and an old one you did of a similar subject. would you consider naming them and adding any other details like dates and perhaps where you painted them, so we can know more about them? you are quite talented!!!! i always wished i could paint...
    ---patti w.