Saturday, May 22, 2010

Walk in the Arroyo

On the day I painted the bridge from the Lower Arroyo, I saw this lovely pathway across the road from the parking lot. I considered painting there for a moment, but I realized of course someone was going to park right in front of it any minute, and they did. If only I'd had an orange cone in my car. An orange cone is going to be my next piece of plein air equipment.

Instead I took a photograph, and just last night I made a painting from it. This is in gouache. It's certainly not a masterful painting, but I like how the limited palette of contrasting colors and the wide borders make it look like a block print. I'm not likely to be making any block prints, but I really like the look. Even if there's only one of them. It's probably plenty. I'm going to try more of these little paintings.

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