Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Back to the Garden

Almost every morning, I visit the back yard. I do fairly minor chores consisting mostly of putting out seeds and nuts for the birds, filling the birdbath and dog bowl, and watering any especially thirsty plants. I check on everything. I take photographs of things that strike me as interesting or beautiful. It's well that I have a smallish yard, or I'd never get to work.
First, here is mystery plant. We spared it from the lawnmower, believing it would grown into a sunflower. It got every bit as tall as a sunflower, but as soon as it budded, it was quite obviously something else. Name this plant (because I can't) and win a small painting.
I gather fallen limes daily too. I found a slug so tiny as to be cute. I might have fed it to our lizard despite its cuteness, but the lizard wasn't up.
Finally, just some more roses, after a respectful waiting period. I thought they made a nice picture.


  1. Oops - forgot to mention that I grow this in my garden to discourage the groundhogs (who love to eat EVERYTHING I plant. This is an herb, and is also known as starflower. I love the blue flowers, and the fuzzy greyish-green foliage. It does like to spread out!

  2. ah the internet...

    hey M, look what I found on Emma's facebook:

    cheers, miss you

  3. I don't think it's borage Claire, but you still win the painting for the best answer. And a good one. E-mail me your address. I should perhaps post more photos of the plant. It's about 4 feet tall on a single stalk; the leaves are are about 6x14"; the buds looked like a cauliflower; I haven't seen any pollinators.