Friday, May 28, 2010

Mission Bells

This is another small three-color painting in gouache. I took a photo of the bells at San Gabriel Mission several weeks ago, and while I liked the image, I couldn't think of a good thing to do with it. So I think this is an interesting treatment. It's less Gustav Baumann woodcut and more Andy Warhol paints mission bells, only of course a lot less fabulous.

Ordinarily, with smaller images, I scan rather than photograph them. However, our old reliable printer/scanner is out of commission right now. It's quiet in blog world; is anybody out there?


  1. aww Mom, I love this one, as well as the last few.

    I started to conceptualize art for my possible tattoo. It'll be a grizzly bear, standing up, with many arms, like Ghanesh or Shiva or so.

    Do you think you could send some art in a package to me?

  2. Yes. But do you mean any art? or do you mean art depicting a multi-limbed grizzly bear? Original art? Art by me?

  3. I mean art by you. The aptly-appendaged (forgive my minor misuse) grizzly bear can wait. I picture him toting chopsticks with kimchi, a trumpet, a uke, a mexican flag, and probably some other things I haven't figured out yet.

    But yea, send me some of your awesome and easy-to-send art. If you will

    Much love

  4. I don't know what you mean by, "It's quiet in blog world; is anybody out there?"
    However, I like your SG Mission take!