Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My garden, loosely

If you've spent any time at all around these parts, you've seen my garden. I've shared it on the blog in minute detail through two-and-half seasons (or what pass for seasons in Southern California.)

So when Alice at my favorite artist's challenge,Calypso Moon Artist Movement, said "paint your garden," it hit me right where I live. But it turns out it wasn't so easy. A tiny bit like describing what I love about my children in fifty words or less. I didn't want to show you something you had already seen in my photographs. I wanted to do more of a garden overview. I played around with some designs for a garden illustration, but really got nowhere. And meanwhile I was thinking of giving up oil painting for a bit and doing my plein air painting in watercolors. And also thinking about doing some looser freer watercolors - letting the water and the brushes run a little wild. So all these conditions converged, and here is my garden painting. In truth, I'm not completely thrilled with it. But I absolutely was challenged, and that is the idea. I'd love to hear what you think.

My garden, also known as my backyard, is my home in the universe. It is part wildlife habitat, part farm, part urban retreat, part dog and cat playground, and part my childhood. There are roses, bees, weeds, fruit, herbs, bonsai trees, chairs, lanterns, picnic tables, butterflies, fragrant flowers, tall grass, spider webs, bird feeders, a clothes line, a hot tub, and views of the sunset and the moon. Please come visit if you're around, possibly for some beer and pizza.


  1. I would love to. Very nice Barbara.
    The picture is like a specific focus photo.
    The chair. very inviting.

  2. Hi Barbara. That chair is just so inviting. If I bring the pizza, can I join the party too? Your backyard sounds like a true sanctuary.

  3. Thank you Elaine and Nancie for your virtual visit. And you really are welcome for a true visit too.

  4. Barbara, It's good to step away from a tight realistic style which you do so well and have some fun painting with flowing paint. I'm happy that you enjoy the Calypso Moon Art challenges. I need them and the artist- for inspiration and direction.

  5. This caught my eye right away - the mood is ... dreamy. Well done.

  6. I came over from the Calypso Moon blog to see more of your work, since this painting really struck me--I love it: the shapes,the colors!
    Your "convergence" worked beautifully!