Friday, May 21, 2010

Brookside Park

I realized Saturday is coming around again, and I still haven't posted last week's painting. As you can see, I'm still using the oil paints. No harm I guess; there's a certain momentum.

This is the place where my son's friend used to have his birthday parties when he was a little kid. It is a picnic area in a giant urban park that hosts an aquatic center, children's museum, the Rose Bowl, a swap meet, and a golf course. For starters. At yet this place is tucked out of the way, almost a secret. The stone wall is a relic of another time. I love stone walls by the way - the old ones where the stones were chosen specifically for balance and because they do not match. I painted my stones a bit too round and regular. I tried to pay a lot of attention to the values when I painted this, and I think it helped, although nature's light was much better. Near where I was painting, there was a Hobbit house.

I mean seriously, what else could it be?

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