Thursday, January 28, 2010


You couldn't say pigeons are hard to find, but when I decided I wanted to do a painting of pigeons, it was as if they intentionally stayed away from me. I finally found a few. The ones in the picture are literally right in my own front yard. I am still looking for a good place to observe pigeons on the ground, if you have any suggestions. I'd like to try some more paintings of pigeons.

I think pigeons are kind of beautiful. I love their iridescence and their pink feet and the stoutness of them. I love that cooing noise they make when they are courting, and how they puff up their chests and try so hard. All this makes them perfect to paint. I want people who think pigeons are no more than rats with wings to take another look, and see what I see.

It turns out that pigeons are fairly interesting as well. I commend this to you:

They do occasionally bathe in questionable water and eat questionable food, but who hasn't?

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  1. McDonalds and the lawn by the Science Center / Nat. History Museum