Thursday, January 14, 2010

More Postcards

You may know that I and the other fine members of the San Gabriel Fine Arts Association are painting Strathmore postcards to send to troops overseas. It's fun painting the postcards because they are small and they don't take long. It's oddly challenging to think of what to paint, because (except one big fact) you don't know anything about the people who will receive them - who they are, where they're from, or what they like. So you just paint anything, and hope they like it. I've done a couple that are subjects I'm considering for bigger paintings. Some stuff that's just around my house. These two are from photographs I took in Yellowstone, that I just recently pulled out of my storage space to look at. I never thought of painting buffalo before, but I'm glad I did. They are just such massive shaggy icons of the American west.

You may want to come to the next meeting of the SGFAA on the evening of 1/21. There will be postcards there, painted and unpainted. There will be snacks. Alex Schafer is going to paint somebody. You may want to go to the Los Angeles Art Show 1/20 through 1/24 at the LA Convention Center. I went twice last year. It is so cool; it's like miles and miles of amazing art, of every stripe, all in one place. For variety, volume and proximity, it exceeds almost any gallery or museum experience.

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