Sunday, January 17, 2010

Old Los Angeles

I painted this over half a lifetime ago. The LA skyline has changed considerably. My source material for the skyline was a telephone book cover. I was going to try to identify the buildings for you, but I'm largely stumped. I may have taken a lot of artistic license. I think the buildings formerly known as the ARCO Towers would have been the tallest buildings at the time. Not too many years before that, the City Hall, at 20 or 22 stories, was, by statute, the tallest building.

The painting was inspired by the already vintage fifties postcards of tropical places wreathed in hibiscus blossoms. As if you needed the cue of hibiscus to know it was tropical. As if the blue pacific needed adornment.

I don't think there was ever a long stretch in my life when I wasn't doing some drawing or painting, but I'm wondering, if I had painted every day from then to now, how my painting might look.

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