Sunday, January 24, 2010

More Postcards

A seagull from Santa Cruz. From that day at the boardwalk before the UCSC orientation. And Calvary Preschool (which I changed up a lot because I didn't like the way the building looked, but which I think was one of the two best preschools ever).

When I placed these side by side, it was only because they are both vertically oriented. Coincidentally, they both represent stages in the education of my younger son.

I really like the seagull, whose feet, believe it or not, actually were buried in the sand. On the Calvary painting, I moved the tree forward and forgot to move the shadow.

I feel I should tell you I haven't even come close to drawing daily. Don't know that any of my other resolutions, whatever they were, are faring better. Might be daily blogging is getting in the way. But I'll keep trying.

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