Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chicken Truck

Possibly, over the course of this week, I have posted paintings from five different decades. I'm not sure that this is a different decade from last year, and I'm not certain that the Los Angeles painting is from the 70s. The Chicken Truck is definitely from the 80s. I took a road trip across America. Either incredibly thrifty or incredibly discerning, I shot only three rolls of film. A lot of it was stuff like this. Americana Bizarro. I couldn't remember where this was, but I was able to google "Morman Coulee Road," and find out it was Wisconsin.

Other than the strange and wonderful subject, I have two favorite parts of this painting. One is the rail in the front, and how convincingly real it looks, even fading slightly out of focus. The other is the eye, which is bright and seems to follow you and possibly peer into your soul.

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