Saturday, October 9, 2010

Restaurant on the Corner

I was pretty sleepy this morning, and I thought that was why I forgot my water container. So I had do do a watercolor without water. Not really without water, but I didn't have a container, so I poured a lot of water into the well in the palette, and I wiped my brush often to keep it a little clean. I actually kind of like this painting, although I'm pretty sure it's the nice composition and not my paint application that carries the image. I think the restaurant is called La Luna, but I'm not sure. It used to be an art gallery, but now it has pretty good Mexican food. It turned out I didn't forget my water container; I've lost it. I guess I have to eat another container's worth of Trader Joe's licorice scotty dogs.


  1. torturous fate

    I am not sure I am familiar with the licorice scotties. I wrote a little bit, and I will try to keep up with better...

  2. Seems like forgetting the water container did not matter, this is beautiful, with the shadow work so precise!

  3. I really like this composition. Lovely choice in the location and subject material. Very pretty.