Sunday, October 24, 2010

Here's the church

Do you know the rhyme, "Here's the church; here's the steeple. . ." ? Well, obviously I thought of it because this church, the Sierra Madre Community Church, has such a prominent steeple. According to the internet, there are two more lines after "people." But what are the corresponding hand movements?

I'm not sure how well I like this painting. I love the fog and the mountains. I thought the stark white steeple against the almost white sky would be more interesting than it is. I should know better. In paintings, contrasts are more interesting that similarities. Similarities play better in life and literature. My tree trunks and light poles are all too stout (like me), and the perspective on the front wall is all wrong.

I once shared with other people that I entertain myself by making song sets or play lists in my head. For instance, the most romantic songs I can think of, or songs that give me courage. I've given lots of thought to my funeral playlist, although I have no thought at all of having a funeral anytime soon. Box of Rain. From the Morning. I Don't Want to Live on the Moon. There's others too that I can't think of just now.


  1. Personally I like the white steeple. I love the soft simularities. I think you are too hard on yourself.

  2. I like it Barbara, the white fact, I think I've been by this church.

    I use to work off of Huntington Drive in Arcadia and on my lunch hour would drive around a lot.

    Nice job.

    and that's interesting, creating play lists in your head, ha!

  3. Interesting to note that the white steeple is still looking prominent against the white sky.. and I liked when you said "In paintings, contrasts are more interesting that similarities. Similarities play better in life and literature.".. how true!

  4. Wow. To know enough songs to actually make playlists in your head? I have maybe 50 songs total I could list. What playlist would "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" be added to?

    I like the overall effect of this painting. The angle of the right side of the church is off, but other than that I don't think I would have noticed the other stuff you pointed out. I LOVE the steeple against the mountain. You had something there...