Saturday, October 16, 2010

House on St. John

I painted at Singer Park this misty morning. This is looking across St. John at the houses. Somebody drove past and called out Hi Barbara, but I couldn't make out who it was. I should probably look at cars and not faces at that distance; it might improve my chance at recognition. Speaking of cars, I think this might be one of my best, although there's still lots of room for improvement. It's a pickup truck with a camper shell. I used to live in a house that looked quite a bit like this one. This could probably be a thousand places in California. If not for the palm tree, it could be a fifty thousand places in the United States.


  1. There are to many details attended to with precision and it is a beautiful composition handled really well Barbara!

  2. to my non-artistic eye, the truck looks to be leaning a little to the right, and the front doesn't look quite long enough for a truck (more like a van).

    and to my grammatically inquisitive mind: it is "a fifty thousand places"? I most often hear it said it could be ... well actually people tend to stop at "a" million or thousand or hundred or what have you, without the extra number

  3. Padmaja, thank you for noticing the composition; I focused pretty carefully on the design of the painting, although I think it got somewhat lost in the details.
    Joey, you're correct about the truck; I didn't mean it was right, I just find the proportions and perspective on vehicles difficult, and I though this one was pretty good. And on the grammar too. I wrote "a million" and after I posted it, I realized that was silly, so I changed it, and left the article behind. I didn't want to change it again, because I'm not sure what happens when I re-post, and I thought it might annoy my followers. Although they are few, and not easily annoyed.

  4. I really like this one Barb. (friends of mine in Southern Calif have a very similar house - one of the thousand, LOL). I agree, I love the composition also - just the one wall of the yellow house gives it so much balance. I struggle with vehicles also, which is why there are few in any of my work - maybe I should challenge myself on them a bit?

  5. I love this house. This is the kind of house I love when we walk through Claremont (which we do all the time). I really need to walk around So Pasadena.

    You did a great job on this.

    I'm so behind everywhere...

  6. you're funny Mom. This is excellent.