Friday, October 22, 2010


This is the painting from my second class with Timothy Tien. There is a fair amount of Tim's work on this painting. Ordinarily I'm pretty adverse to instructors drawing or painting on my work, but I'm determined to get the maximum benefit from this class. The emphasis of class so far (to review, for my benefit) has been on design, drawing, composition, choices, and contrasts. Plus basic suggestions on how to lay out a palette so there is space for mixing dark colors and space for mixing lights. Possibly there are life lessons in this.


  1. Someday in my next life, when I've sold, moved and have time I would love to take an art class.

    nice job.

  2. You know Sandy, I did a google search about instructors painting on students work. To see what the common thought was about it. There were several comments posted that started, "I was eighty years old when I took my first painting class..." I thought that was seriously cool, that 80 year-olds were taking classes AND posting comments to the internet. So anyway, there is plenty of time.

  3. Plenty of time - good to know. I've always wanted to do that some day.

    I bought a beautiful painting from a woman who took up painting I believe in her 80's. She lives in Newport Beach. She painted a scene out of "Beaches". I still have it. If I think about it, I'll photograph it soon and put it on my art blog.

    I can't think of her name at the moment.