Tuesday, October 26, 2010


The bug series is progressing slowly. I would say I have about half as many paintings as I want. I just don't paint as much at home as I'd like; mostly I putter around on the computer, and work up guilt about all the things I'm not doing. Painting is just one little piece of what I'm not doing. I do have plenty of insect photographs to choose from, and my knowledge of insect life is expanding. This, you may have been clever enough to notice, is two views of the same bug. I made it (her, them?) redder in color, but was true to the spots. I was once bitten by a ladybug. It hurt a little, and disillusioned me a little more.


  1. I like the way you did the bug from underneath.. it is nicely complimenting the other one..nice that you have made some progress with your bug series:-)

  2. Lovely ladybirds! And such pretty almost Victorian colours. Keep doing what you're not doing...

  3. I love the subdued colors of the leaves and stems. It really makes the lady bugs red color the center of attention. My mom swears she was once bitten by a little bug. I never believed her. Maybe I should! I didn't know they bit!