Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Portrait of a Spider

Orbweaver, family Araneidae
Identification courtesy of What's That Bug? The name, orbweaver, comes from the beautiful circular (not spherical) web, which you can't see because it's in shadow. And because I didn't paint it. Some years ago, I spoke to a physician who specialized in the treatment of wounds. I can't recall her name, but she worked at Arcadia Methodist. She said spiders got a bad rap; many, probably most, of the skin irritations people assume are spider bites are not. I felt I should pass that along.


  1. Nice job. I love bug illustrations. Spiders are nice.. for the most part...

  2. This spider got lucky to be the subject of a painting.. nice cool job Barbara!

  3. I like spiders as long as they don't touch me. Against the white background this little legged creature really makes a bold statement.