Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Editorial Assistance Wanted

So I have to submit an artist biography. What do you think of this? Does it read well? Is it interesting? Does it convey anything about me or my paintings? Do you have any suggestions?

Barbara Field was born in Los Angeles. Drawing and painting has been an important part of her life from early childhood. Her parents perceived talent and encouraged her creative expression. Rebelliousness and varied interests led her to follow a different course of study in college. She pursued a career entirely unrelated to visual art, but interesting nonetheless. Barbara is still driven to draw and paint so over the years she has continued to study art and try to make art.

Barbara works primarily in watercolors at present, but has completed numerous works in oils, acrylics and gouache as well. She has undertaken a wide variety of subjects, but particularly likes to paint ordinary and generally unnoticed subjects. Nature is a particular passion. She varies her style and application of paint from work to work, and believes that the style should express the vision but not define the artist. Barbara maintains a blog about her painting, called “What I See.”

Barbara is a member of Watercolor West, The California Art Club, The American Society of Botanical Artists, and San Gabriel Fine Arts Association. She paints out nearly every Saturdays with a very loosely organized and small group. Barbara lives in South Pasadena, California with her husband, and has two marvelous grown sons.


  1. This was interesting to read and also very easy to read. I liked it. One note - the 2nd to last sentence doesn't seem grammatically correct. (sorry, it's the old typesetter in me that does this sort of thing).

    1 question tho - what career did you pursue due to rebelliousness & varied interests? I really like that sentence, the word rebelliousness is such a very rich word, in my opinion! :)

  2. Hi Nancie. I think you're right about the sentence, it is awkward if not wrong. I majored in comparative literature, and worked as a paralegal and then (now) as an investigator. It was probably more contrary than actually rebellious, but rebelliousness does sound more interesting. Thank you.

  3. Barbara, it is well written in simple language and pretty much covers a whole lot about various aspects of yourself.To the point and apt, I would say:-)

  4. Its written clearly and reads well. But its kind of 'boiler plate' for artists statements. You might want to turn it upside down...start with a big concept/purpose statement and then fill in the details?
    I think you might find this article about artists' statements interesting. Her website is fabulous, as is her business plan for 'older' artists!

  5. Barbara, I liked it and think it sounds very interesting and would make me want to check out your art.


  6. Thank you all. Good to see you. I think I'll try some fixes.

  7. Hi Barbara I just read this and think it is good except I don't really like the statement in the last sentence of the 1st paragraph (study art and try to make art) I hope you are not offended by this but I think you are a true artist and this makes me think you are unsure. Maybe you should say something like She has studied art and her art is in private collections through out the united stated. (only a suggestion) What I'm saying is just come across with more confidence.