Tuesday, August 3, 2010

King of Butterflies

It doesn't happen often, but sometimes a monarch butterfly will catch a glimpse or a whiff of my fancy milkweed and descend on my yard for a bit. The yard is regularly dotted with gulf fritillaries, so you wouldn't think I'd even notice one more orange butterfly. But the monarch is larger and much more substantial. It moves with a casual lumbering grace that brings to mind the most attractive men. It drinks deeply and poses for the camera. I call my husband and tell him the king of butterflies is visiting our garden. I could have said there is a monarch. But I love the sound of "King of Butterflies;" it reminds me of Oberon. My dearest wish for a moment is that the butterfly will choose to lay eggs in my garden. I don't know; it could have been the queen.


  1. Oh a garden of butterflies should the eggs have been laid. Beautiful photos.. Are you going to paint these?

  2. Casual lumbering grace of the butterfly!
    that is marvelous.

    Fantastic photos!

    When is your trip to Asia?

  3. How lucky to have enjoyed this magical moment..fabulously captured, hoping to see them as paintings from you soon :-)

  4. I probably will want to paint these eventually, but right now I'm painting the less popular arthropods. Elaine, my trip is right around the corner - almost time to pack.