Sunday, March 24, 2013

Like Home

I painted at Alhambra Park yesterday.  This is the second painting in an incidental Palm Avenue series -- Moving Day and Trash Day.  The trash cans and the red curbs were factors in my choice to paint this scene, offering some immunity to big trucks parking and blocking my view.

I'm addressing two personal shortcomings I pointed out in the last post -- tardy blogging and bad car painting.  I've skipped ahead several paintings, and I'm giving you something fresh.  I'm pretty pleased with the SUV parked on the left-hand edge.  There's actually even more of it -- the entire rear wheels, but the photo of the painting wasn't well framed so I had to crop some.

I've said several times that I like houses, but I think probably what I really like is homes.  Houses that are lived in, and wear personal touches of quirky, exuberant and fragile lives.  Blue stairs, flags, potted plants and stuff.  I love interiors too - the infinite different ways people nest.  I thought about going on a house tour yesterday afternoon, but instead wound up visiting family members at their new home.


  1. What a wonderful painting! I love the bright colors and how you used the white paper for the home's sunlit front. The trash cans are the perfect urban touch too.

  2. ya got yourself a successful painting there lady! Beautiful transition going between the entrance to the spanish bungalo, those gorgeously painted cyprus trees and the shadowed side view of the next home over.

  3. This is a great home you captured. I, also, love to paint the homes & life I see. I like your way of describing it: "the infinite different ways people nest." I've started a series of paintings of 1934 homes from one of my neighboring towns, and loving it! (by the way - trash cans are great, but LOVE the flag on the front of the house. Perfect touch)

  4. Continually impressive. As endearing as the new haircut.

  5. Continually impressive. As endearing as the new haircut.

  6. Have you ever painted the house Einstein occupied while he was at Cal Tech?

    How about Richard Feynman's haunts?

    1. I haven't painting the Einstein house. I have painted bits of Cal Tech, and possibly but unknowingly other Feynman haunts. I

  7. this is a beautiful painting - love the contrasts, shadows, comp - everything about it.