Friday, April 12, 2013

Train Everyday

Although it isn't even in my top three wishes, I do wish I were blogging more.  The good news, or a tiny snippet of good news, is that at least I'm still painting.  So if and when I regain my blogging voice, I'll have some pictures.  

It isn't that I don't have anything to say.  I have far too much to say.  Without David as a sounding board for all the little things that popped into my head, my head has become a rather noisier place.  And I spend more time there inside my head, mulling over strange new sad feelings.  And wondering how, and whether, and to whom I might express them.  Mostly I think you're safe here.  I may cry now and then, but my giant filter is largely intact.  As if to prove that to myself, I just deleted a whole paragraph.

These are paintings done at Union Station in Los Angeles - two in the same morning.  I took a Los Angeles Conservancy evening tour of Union Station last summer, so I know a bit more about it.  I've taken long and short train rides to and from Union Station over the years.  It's a good place, coming and going.


  1. Freshness is what comes to my mind when I see these paintings, really beautiful both , but with a little preference for the first one so full of light !

  2. Light n colors are playing hide n seek n they are both brilliant Barbara.
    I know what you talking about. Nothing, not even passion for painting can fill the void, but you are able to bring yourself awareness of what's happening inside, yet try to paint now and then , I admire you for that.

  3. Your paintings are great - I have been checking them all out! I feel like maybe something has happened, (David) but I'm out of the loop if you have mentioned something.

  4. Barbara, I'm so glad you're still painting, and you've had some beautiful results. But I can't imagine how to deal with the sadness...more time for sure...

  5. I don't know if artist are better writers because I'm an artist, or they are. What I can say with certainty, is I like your voice - and it's clearly here in this post.