Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I missed posting this previously, I think because I inadvertently stored it in a folder innocuously named new folder.  Although this painting has a few very severe drawing problems, I think there's some real strength to it.  This is a view from near the Arroyo Seco Stables looking up at the York Bridge.  I usually view the York  Bridge from the top or the other side.  

Some months ago my computer failed.  When it was restored, I got back most of my important files.  But my admirable FreeCell statistics were reset to zero.  So I know exactly how many games I've played since then. I used to share the computer and there was this pleasing element of doubt.  But now I'm certain the games are all mine.  Each game represents a few minutes out of my life.  If I add them all up, I'm getting into days.  For years, I've pondered the mystery of wasting time.  Not why I might waste time when I was supposed to be working or doing something dreadful.  But why I would fritter away my free time playing solitaire or watching reruns, when this same free time is an opportunity to do something I would love.  It recently came to me that the explanation is probably dopamine and comfort.  Apparently I crave that.    

I'm going to go walk my dog now.  He loves to walk.  It makes him so happy he practically jumps out of his skin.  He isn't able to play FreeCell, but he does chew on his paws a little compulsively sometimes.


  1. Beautiful composition and superb light. Love it! Ciao.

  2. A great painting ... made from a difficult angle, but excellently painted !

  3. This view is very familiar to my young self. I had a horse down at Arroyo Seco stables for years and years. I don't mind the drawing issues. I like the starkness, the variations in concrete color plus the edge of light color on the brush.

    I'd love to see these images in a book where your thoughts were on one side and your paintings on the other. Your full of insights. Maybe it's about the life transition your experiencing. Or maybe it's always been like that, but you make me think.

  4. This is a great example of how a good composition should be implemented, it scores a perfect 10!

  5. I always like seeing your interpretation through your paintings of local so cal areas. I recently, about a month ago, began playing solitaire when I bought a Galaxy Samsung tablet. I play on the tablet, then i started playing on the laptop and I noticed I have logged 24 hours playing this game in a month - that is a whole damn day I've lost.
    My husband has played believe it or not 10,000 games in three years.