Friday, March 15, 2013

Memorial Park

This a view from Memorial Park in Pasadena, looking across Raymond at the former theater I know best as Perkins Palace and the Armory Center for the Arts.  I like the view because it's familiar without being obvious.  You know you've seen it, but you can't quite place it.  That seems like a good basis for a painting.

Like everyone else I know who actually looks at Facebook, I have a kind of love hate relationship with it.  Facebook finds your old friends you thought you had lost forever.  You can keep track of people and share people's lives without the risk or inconvenience of actually being with them.  It's also a pretty big time drain, if you check even rarely to see what's been going on in hundreds of lives.  But its hard not to check since you know it's there.  I like the like button.  I like to respond positively without having to explain why, or say something that doesn't add to the greater discourse.  I find myself reflexively looking for a like button in a whole number of circumstances.  Then I want my share of likes, my little bit of fame and positive attention, so I can't resist posting my paintings.  But then I feel like I've stolen the blog's thunder, and it takes me longer to show and tell the paintings here.  

My palm tree technique is coming along nicely, but always I struggle to express cars.


  1. Cars are hell - mechanical illustration. Must be an AP for that? I "like" the building to the left. The minimal amount of strokes it took to convey the structure - plus it kind of has an "Oh No Mr Bill" thing going on

    1. That's pretty funny. I hadn't noticed the worried face on Raymond Theater.

  2. I Like this one, like most of your other ones!
    Didn't Memorial Pk used to be called, Library Park - or am I mis remembering!?

  3. Like this one too - I started posting on facebook when we moved up here - it takes way too much time. but I'm hooked.
    Love the painting.