Sunday, March 3, 2013

Vista Hermosa Park

This is Vista Hermosa Park in Los Angeles.  You should visit. There is plenty of space to park.  The park is very oasis-like.  Native trees and shrubs have drawn many birds to the park.  There are wonderful views, and many places to duck away and paint them. There is a surprisingly artful playground.  The vertically striped building is 333 S. Beaudry where I used to work years back.  .


  1. Hi Barbara! I really like this piece! Love the colors. Neat your old building is in the view. And so happy to see another blog post!

  2. Looks like it's around DTLA. And, maybe I've visit it before w/o knowing it. Where exactly is it located?

    1. Next to the Bob Baker Marionette Theater. Behind the Roybal Learning Center. 100 N. Toluca. :)

  3. Ha! The original Beaudry home that was once in China Town is very near me now. Actually the land my home sits on was Beaudry land. The house, though not built here, was lifted and transported making it the Oldest house in Los Angeles.

    I digress

    A beautiful painting and I always look forward to you posting them. Enough so that I was inspired to go out and purchase new brushes at the PCC swap meet. if your not familiar with the guy - he's in the south east corner of Hill and Del mar. He sells a lot of brushes and some paints for cheap. Go

  4. I want to visit it suddenly. Park and buildings is to me about as pretty as LA gets.