Saturday, December 26, 2009

Rialto redux

Another Rialto picture. In my formative years, they actually showed movies there. It was kind of an art house. They showed double features of older, classic, cult, artsy kinda movies. Some of my favorites were (and are) Harold & Maude, Picnic at Hanging Rock, Fantastic Planet and Dr. Strangelove.

It was not merely my affection for the Riato of my past that caused me to paint it twice. It was a paint-out/show sponsored by the California Art Club and South Pasadena Chamber of Commerce in 2008. I have mixed feelings about the California Art Club. It may be like the popular girl of the art club world. It's a little snooty, pretentious, and obsessively traditional; but at the same time, really really good. I'm a member, but don't feel entirely like I belong. I like it when artists make fun of their gold frames, but at the same time I really want them to like me.

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