Thursday, December 31, 2009

Meridian Avenue

I titled this painting Go Slowly, because it drives me nuts how people speed down this street, especially where it straightens out after all the curves. It is the only street in town where you can travel in an approximately north south direction utterly unhindered by signs and signals for over a mile. I hope I'm not giving that away. People should drive slowly because there are plenty of children, animals, and dog walkers, and it's fairly blind due to the curves and lovely camphor trees. I probably shouldn't say that either, about the trees. We just lost the biggest of the camphor trees which stood at a corner a block or two north of where the painting is set. I don't know why or when it left. I looked one day and it wasn't there.

I like the style of the painting and the washed out sunny look. I think my washes were not very masterful and there should be deeper shadows up in the trees. Happy new year, and success and joy. To my reader(s).

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