Friday, December 25, 2009

Obviously, I didn't make the Snoopy picture. I like it, for reasons I'm not obliged to explain, but it doesn't really fit with anything, except a generalized idea of Christmas. In fact, I googled Christmas images, and Snoopy was in the first ten; I didn't even need to scroll down.

I've never painted a Christmas picture. I have drawn many, and if I'd thought of that, and hadn't been too lazy, I might have included a drawing. Oh well. Next year. I've nearly run out of photos of paintings I no longer have. There are plenty of things I don't have photos of, and I still have paintings aplenty, photoed and not. But only one more photo of an ex-painting, which I'm not anxious to post only because it's redundant. Less so with the passage of time and space. You'll see.

So here is a photo of something that I painted. I don't have the painting, because it went in a silent auction to a couple of people I like a lot. It looked kind of like the photo. The hibiscus plant is no longer there; it's too bad because it was a darned nice one. It was in the alley behind Ai restaurant.

Christmas dinner was (so good) mac & cheese, ham, tri tip roast, potatoes au gratin, zucchini with almonds, and green salad. More food before, more after. My presents were California native plants (whose name I'm not remembering) and books. I am happy with myself because every single bit of my wrapping was recycled or reusable. Red and green pillow cases, reclaimed ribbon and bags, gift tags made out of last year's cards. Saving the world, a tree at time.

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