Thursday, August 29, 2013


I'm behind again.  And not just on posting paintings.  There's the laundry and the trash and the bills.  There's my paying job.  Even calling friends and family.  This is a view from Elysian Park, the side of it I hadn't seen before, looking over the LA River toward the Broadway (I think) bridge, and further to County General Hospital.  This brilliant painting location was suggested by another painter who was inspired by a painting by Emil Kosa.

There's a lot to think about as you look out over Los Angeles, down the crooked road, over the strangled river, and the train tracks where people come and go, and the hospital where life sometimes begins and ends.  There's time for doubt and envy, but it's best to let them go.  It is pretty wonderful to be alive and standing and playing with colors.  Remind me of that.

It's Thursday night, and the trash gets collected here on Friday morning.  I send an e-mail to the painting crew, and tell them where we'll be on Saturday.


  1. Beautiful painting and thoughts always. So happy we got to paint here.

  2. Love the painting, so much to see and imagine what is farther out in the background.

    I was offered a county job after I tested highly in shorthand (Gosh that's an old term) and typing - way back in 1969. I didn't accept it. Instead I accepted a job with a transcription company and learned medical transcription which I did for the next 35 years (boring)...

  3. I was recently at the California museum of art and picked up a book on Emil Kosa in the bookstore. His style is inspiring.

    I like Elysian Park. It harkens back to an old LA of my imagination. It must of been some kind of arbortorial experiment with it's many different palms and other plantings. Kind of makes me cringe when the native plant movement see these guys (with their hand on the buss saw) as invasive species.