Thursday, August 8, 2013


As you may know, in the midst of all my water-coloring, I've been learning oil painting.  At it's most basic, it's pretty much the same thing.  Two dimensions, brushes, and a limited range of colors and values to express some visual idea.  My class is on Wednesday night, but we're on a brief hiatus while Tim Tien the instructor goes out on the summer plein air circuit.  Since this is Wednesday, I should probably be practicing, but at least I'm thinking about it.  

 So, here's some paintings from class.  I think they're not too bad, but then again I know I thought that before I got even this good.  I think in a bind I could possibly sell these to pay for more classes.  I've learned to draw a little more conscientiously, grouping objects together into big shapes, and comparing size, shape and angle.
 I'm working on the mechanics of mixing color and applying paint, but also on practicing seeing.  I drive home from work now observing where the sky is darker than objects in front of it, and where it's lighter.

I like oil paint.  It has a lovely consistency that changes a little with the weather. Oil paintings look substantial and solid.                                  


  1. Every piece is beautiful Barbara, it is hard to believe these are from one new to oils, look forward to more!Great idea to sell them, good luck!

  2. I think these are terrific Barbara! All the thought and learning shows. Love those little highlights you can put on the glass and metal to perk them up. It's interesting how our ability to notice things has improved.

  3. I enlarged them all, which is expected. I love the economy of your strokes. I'm someone who works in layers. I think this might of come about because it's not a completely committed way of painting - plus I like that thin next to thick thing that happens.

  4. YOu are doing great at oil painting!!