Thursday, September 5, 2013

On Broadway

I painted this picture in my painting class, but I did it without too much help, just the extra set of eyes noticing that the angle of the windows was inaccurate, and the light in the distance was colored the same as the closer light.  The source was a photograph I took standing out on Broadway waiting for the Last Remaining Seats showing of All About Eve at the Los Angeles Theater.  I think when I edited my photograph of the painting to adjust for the the indoor lighting I may have lightened it up too much.  It's dusk.  The sky is a deeper blue.  The sun is still shining on the tops of the buildings, but night has fallen at street level.

The Last Remaining Seats is a program of the Los Angeles Conservancy, where older classic movies are shown on big screens in the historic movie houses in Los Angeles.  I think my husband and I got onto this in its early years, almost accidentally, because my son, rather inexplicably, fell in love with Laurel and Hardy.  Parents are willing to go out of their way to witness their small boy laughing with reckless abandon.  Broadway in Los Angeles was lined with theaters at one time and some of them still remain, some restored and some repurposed.   Just a few years ago, Broadway was mainly a shopping district filled with new immigrants and cheap electronics.  Trendy hipster restaurants are popping up now.

I'm an older person now.  I don't even wait around for people to ask me what it was like when I was young.  I tell them.  I didn't like history when I was a kid.  The first time I was interested in history, my grandparents were already dead.  And I thought about how the world must have looked to them, as World War I began or as cars took to the roads.


  1. I was in one of those repurposed theaters about six months ago to see the screening of Young Turks (a documentary about the 70-80's art world forming in downtown. I recommend it if you want to take a trip down memory road

    as far as old folks, my grandmother, Mrs San Marino, was a gifted story teller. I loved listening to her tell of the past 1900-95 and she would always bring out boxes of photos to accompany her stories. In fact, that was my nature, to quiz old folks and I did so when I had a horse over at Arroyo Seco Stables. The other kids found me a bit queer for that reason - but maybe it had something to do with finding the time I was born into less then interesting. Now that I'm old, it does have some interest. We caught the last gasp of open land (think orange groves, vacant lots, and windbreaks on the way to San Diego) mostly gone

  2. Really neat painting Barbara! Perfect colors.

  3. It looks like LA to me. Slightly isolated buildings from another era and traffic lights.


    Really? Laurel and Hardy got you guys to Last Remaining Seats?

    I briefly thought the Pasadena Adjacent commenter was you. My untrained eye generally likes the painting. Sorry I wasn't keeping up. Good to see it keep its quality up, sorry commenting is down.