Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Higher Mountains

This painting dates back all the way to last Saturday, but my computer was out of commission and I had no way to bring it to you. This is Loma Alta Park, a Los Angeles County Park in Altadena. Loma Alta means high hill, and it's named, I believe, for it's elevation. There are spectacular views from the park of both the mountains and the Los Angeles basin. There are shaded picnic areas, great trees, horseshoes and an outdoor theater. In my late childhood, I left home for a day and walked to Loma Alta Park. It's always a good place end up.

Here's some of my favorite photographs from the visit. Especially the crow. Crows are great. So are maple leaves. Can you think of a better leaf?


  1. Fantastic painting as always. I too love crows and maple leaves, any leaves actually. Ha!

  2. You have such wonderful talent! I'm so envious! I am big leaf lover!

  3. Sycamore leaves for their fuzziness. Fig leaves are cool too. Also the colocasia, aka the elephant ear.