Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bug Collection

I've always liked bugs. I never ever pinned a bug to board. A few times I've kept them alive in jars, but mostly now I just like to watch them go about their business in the garden.

This is the larva of a gulf fritillary feeding on the passion vine on my back fence.

A monarch, a prince of a caterpillar, munching milkweed along with a little milkweed aphid.

A large milkweed bug; they feed on the seeds of the milkweed.

A beautiful praying mantis girl on a double delight rose. Color untouched.

One of the heirloom roses. You can imagine how big the flower is to support two huge green bugs who are able to ignore one another.
It's Macro Monday here and at Lisa's Chaos.


  1. Wonderful details of these insects!

    Happy MM

  2. I'm not a big bug fan, but I can appreciate wonderful photography. These are fabulous pics.

  3. Wow these are some fabulous insect photos. Loved seeing them. That 1st one is really interesting.