Thursday, November 10, 2011

Eye on the Sparrow

Sparrows have to be the riffraff of the bird word. They are pugnacious and prolific. They are alien and loud. They hop instead of walking.

Backyard birders with their bluebird nesting boxes? You couldn't find a nicer bunch of people. And yet when it comes to sparrows, they speak of pest control, of destroying broods, and of pellet guns. Thank God somebody's looking out for the sparrows.


  1. Hello Barbara
    I just discovered Macro Monday, and following the link there, discovered your blog. I like your paintings!

  2. I have refilled my birdfeeder and am off to change into my 'Friend of Sparrows' t-shirt. Your picture is beautiful; such a pretty blue.

  3. oh my this is just beautiful! so peaceful, so well done.