Saturday, March 19, 2011

These Things

This is my misty morning view from Farnsworth Park. I cheated a bit, and worked on it at home, because my feet got wet. I like it all right, but it really Really makes me think of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

There's the moon, not quite full, last night before the sky clouded up to hide the great big moon. I'm sorry; I can't call it a super moon; it just makes it sound too bouncy.

If I can trust Wikipedia, and God knows I've trusted it for more important things, these be shamrocks.


  1. I love your work Barbara, especially your macro work, very professional and beautiful.

  2. Did you make the blogger potluck at Farnsworth Pk this past sat?

  3. Did not make the blogger potluck, although now I recall that might have been a factor in scheduling painting there.

    Horst, thank you for your generous words.

  4. Excellent all, now to leave your blog open on as many computers as possible in Southeast Asia...