Friday, March 11, 2011

Daily Bug

I'm not really sure it's a Carolina Mantis. Some kind of praying mantis, of course, but having seen honey bees snatched out of life by those jaw-like forelegs, I hesitate to call it praying. That's the yin and yang of the food chain; one creature's demise is another creature's sustenance.

I like the way the background turned out. I needed to make something that the green mantis would show up against, something amorphous but interesting enough to draw the mantis's attention in the direction away from the viewer.

I may take a break from bugs for a little while; there's some two- and four-legged creatures I'm wanting to paint.


  1. Wow you did a beautiful job on this. I call it a praying mantis. I have several photographs of both a green one and a brown one...I love them!

  2. It has turned out amazingly well! As if you have done it on yupo.. the background is too good with easy flow and mix of the lovely hues,bringing out the attention on the mantis.

  3. Oh, I love this one!! "Barbara, The Painter of Bugs." Haha!

  4. This is wonderful! Yes keep doing bugs if that is what you wish!