Monday, March 14, 2011

Arlington Garden

I started painting from the top down, and I think I like the top best, with it's strong contrasts and abstracted shapes. The painted irises and their leaves seem a little weak and mushy. The result notwithstanding, painting last Saturday was an unqualified success. Flowers were blooming, birds were singing, the weather was perfect. A handful of people were enjoying the garden.

I'm often surprised when I paint out on Saturdays that I don't encounter bigger crowds. Where do people go on Saturday, if not these beautiful accessible public outdoor spaces? For my money, they can keep the malls.


  1. Very interesting shapes and hues here.. even I have the same question,, I dont see as much people in our gardens as in our malls :-)

  2. There is a plus to having the masses in the malls instead of the gardens. It's certainly a plus for me!

  3. Arlington Garden- beautiful - I always have to be outside, either hiking or walking in beautiful areas, or dusty rocky paths through the local mountains. I just have to be out.

    Very subtle colors and pretty.